Have you ever?

Sure. I have made many mistakes. And I still do. Probably daily. This weekend, I forgot to wear sunscreen and, of course, got sunburned. Last week, I accidentally bought the wrong food for my cats, and one of them vomited during a virtual meeting in the background of my screen. I got angry with myMeer lezen over “Have you ever?”

Screaming papers!

When I worked as an assistant professor, I had a huge teaching load. I think many people can relate to this… Students who are asking questions are often the most motivated and interesting ones, so you are also motivated to give something in return. When you provide feedback, this sometimes triggers new questions, you scheduleMeer lezen over “Screaming papers!”


Er is iets fout gegaan. Vernieuw de pagina en/of probeer het opnieuw.

Over mij

Hallo, ik ben Ellen. Ik ben (universitair) docent en gastprofessor en ben sinds 2013 ook moeder. De combinatie ouderschap en het academische brengt geregeld uitdagingen met zich mee, deze schrijf ik hier van me af.

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