Hush hush with this rush rush

When I receive reminders for an email that was sent yesterday, I tend to lose my mind. I feel rushed and lose grip over my calmness. At the same time I realise that this doctor does not work at an emergency center, nor do I perform urgent surgery. So the question can probably wait. And I do not need the pressure to rushrush. There is already enough pressure to perform, obtain, get ahead and publish and all kinds of other things.

I bless myself with the most amazing colleagues, but I realize how sensitive academia is for dropout… the dark side of this pressure to rushrush. And the pressure to at least get by and get ahead. I would want to collect data on this topic (what is this vibe good for?), but when I suggested it at an occupational health psychology conference, people, colleagues looked at me with fear in their eyes. How can we admit that we struggle with the things that we actually should be able to treat or even help others to avoid? These norms, these values, we actually set them ourselves. Outstanding and excellent research of course can and will make a difference, but aren’t chances to get to this stage higher when we help out each other? (In setting boundaries, being kind, etc.?)

I admit, I tend to rushrush myself. I always say yes, and I want to do everything at the same time (myself). But meanwhile my day only counts 24h and I would love to still stay in touch with my family, friends and colleagues.

And my rushrush is strong. When I take a break, I feel it pondering and lingering on like a perpetuum mobile. The rush won’t stop. And your reminder, dear student of mine, for an unurgent email of yesterday, pushes this rush just a little bit more.

I want to hush the rush, but I seem to have forgotten how I can do that. I unlearned that. I learnt how to say yes and execute things that are asked. I don’t know how to calm the rush down myself. It seems like it is an unevitable thing to do or actually undergo…

Last couple of years I met a couple of people in academia that feel that the rush needs to be hushed and that it is okay to choose when to hush. Attitudes seem to be shifting, social support is getting closer and more down to earth, and careers are changing. But it remains a challenge.

Mainly because some aspects (okay, I will be honest: some ‘students’) are not to be hushed. And I know, I am the first to ask action of students and push them and I do really want them to #provemewrong. But maybe I also want them to learn how to hush others. When do you know where to stop? Where others should stop? What is not something that you can expect from them? Can you protect others in losing grip of the rushrush?

So hush hush my rush rush, days are getting longer, sun is getting stronger. New days are coming, old routines are going. Hush hush that rush rush and enjoy what you enjoy most.

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