Trouble me, please trouble me

If today is the ‘Bluest Monday’ of the year, this is not so bad… But I probably should not jinx it… A couple of weeks ago, I had a pretty blue Monday. I was struggling with everyday tasks and happenings and a dear friend (thank you, @Hanne!) sent me a message: “If there is anythingMeer lezen over “Trouble me, please trouble me”

Careers, self-esteem awareness, and Kintsugi

Like most of us, I often put everything or lets say ‘life’ on a balance scale. I weigh the ‘musts’ and ‘loves’ on a scale and check whether I am standing where I want to be. The past year(s), there were a lot of self-esteem struggles that changed the weight of ‘loves’. Although I loveMeer lezen over “Careers, self-esteem awareness, and Kintsugi”

When n = 1

A couple of months ago, I received a call from the hospital: “You visited us a couple of weeks ago and wrote some remarks on the evaluation form. I am in doubt whether we should see this as an individual complaint or should classify this as suggestions for improvement.” This ended up being a longMeer lezen over “When n = 1”

Hush hush with this rush rush

When I receive reminders for an email that was sent yesterday, I tend to lose my mind. I feel rushed and lose grip over my calmness. At the same time I realise that this doctor does not work at an emergency center, nor do I perform urgent surgery. So the question can probably wait. AndMeer lezen over “Hush hush with this rush rush”

The impatient whistleblower

“The first one who sticks out his neck, loses his head”, we say in Flemish. The one who sees and addresses misconduct, will lose the battle or – even worse – will be charged or will lose credits. While – at the same time – addressing misconduct often stems from commitment of the individual, soMeer lezen over “The impatient whistleblower”

Career shocks and career resilience

A missed promotion, a bad annual review, a conflict, … They can all lead to or translate into career disruptions. However… these “setbacks” may enable individuals to thrive and to regain passion and to build a great career, whatever that is. When we look back at our past working experience and career steps, we oftenMeer lezen over “Career shocks and career resilience”