Goeie reis!

Ik wenste haar een goeie reis, beiden trokken we richting een natuurgebied netjes tussen Antwerpen en Gent in, where we would meet. En het werd een prachtige reis. “You place the flowers in a vase you bought today” We lopen langs de lentekatjes netjes op een rij, over het pad hangend. Je mag er langs,Meer lezen over “Goeie reis!”

Activering in beweging

“Hoe krijgen we dat potentieel onder de niet-werkenden aangezwengeld?” Laten we even naar ‘de bigger picture’ kijken; enerzijds naar wat eraan voorafging aan het “niet actief zijn” en anderzijds hoe onze tewerkstelling er vaak uitziet. Uit de ‘actieve werkenden’ groep vallen gebeurt doorgaans niet zonder slag of stoot; ontslag heeft nog steeds een bijzonder groteMeer lezen over “Activering in beweging”

you may say i’m a dreamer but i hope i am not the only one

“This would be only possible in the ideal world,” she said. I agree, but that does not keep me from trying. The past couple of weeks, I heard the remark given by several people. “But this would only be possible…” urgh. Let me dream, and maybe we could incorporate some bits of that dream. TheMeer lezen over “you may say i’m a dreamer but i hope i am not the only one”

Trouble me, please trouble me

If today is the ‘Bluest Monday’ of the year, this is not so bad… But I probably should not jinx it… A couple of weeks ago, I had a pretty blue Monday. I was struggling with everyday tasks and happenings and a dear friend (thank you, @Hanne!) sent me a message: “If there is anythingMeer lezen over “Trouble me, please trouble me”

Careers, self-esteem awareness, and Kintsugi

Like most of us, I often put everything or lets say ‘life’ on a balance scale. I weigh the ‘musts’ and ‘loves’ on a scale and check whether I am standing where I want to be. The past year(s), there were a lot of self-esteem struggles that changed the weight of ‘loves’. Although I loveMeer lezen over “Careers, self-esteem awareness, and Kintsugi”

When n = 1

A couple of months ago, I received a call from the hospital: “You visited us a couple of weeks ago and wrote some remarks on the evaluation form. I am in doubt whether we should see this as an individual complaint or should classify this as suggestions for improvement.” This ended up being a longMeer lezen over “When n = 1”

Fast yet slow, high yet low, we will get there, sweet daughter of mine

Driving on the highway, my daughter and I pass by a sign for the next exit. At the same time, my GPS speaks out loud and indicates, “take the next exit ‘Nevele’ in 800m”, precisely the same as what the sign said. My daughter noticed: “I can become that.” What? “Well, the person who readsMeer lezen over “Fast yet slow, high yet low, we will get there, sweet daughter of mine”

Wolf with Goosebumps…

Practice what you preach is one of my main life goals. Although not always easy, I became very aware of it last week when I was present at an online meeting while not feeling well. A frolleague (well, also researcher, and also friend, we are – unfortunately – not working at the same university) calledMeer lezen over “Wolf with Goosebumps…”

Good for nothing nothing forgood

She looked at me and said: “You were already second! That is sooo good!” I have the feeling I am letting myself, but especially others down. I came close for a job opportunity that I really wanted. I got through to the final rounds, and although my daughter sees it as a success, I haveMeer lezen over “Good for nothing nothing forgood”