Trouble me, please trouble me

If today is the ‘Bluest Monday’ of the year, this is not so bad… But I probably should not jinx it… A couple of weeks ago, I had a pretty blue Monday. I was struggling with everyday tasks and happenings and a dear friend (thank you, @Hanne!) sent me a message: “If there is anything I can do, you can think of anything; like looking something up or doing mini research for products or services of which you want to know more of, please let me know, I am willing to help and take some weight off your shoulders.”

I thought about that approach. And asked her to look for the price of a product and how something else is called and where I could find it. She asked me to give her some time, and she sent me messages with the results and answers during the day.

You were dreaming, my Lady.

But I am always dreaming, even when I am awake!
It is never finished. I will not trouble you, my Lord Prince.

Trouble me, please, trouble me!
I would court you with more grace,
if I knew how. I only wish you wanted something of me..

Drown out my dreams!
Keep me from remembering,
whatever wants me to remember it!

(By Peter S. Beagle)

When something happens, I have mainly two mechanisms installed. Either I turn to silence (sorry, @Alina) or become a rattling and chattery waterfall that never ends or stops. But neither are they really useful nor helpful for me (and others). Regardless of my ‘coping’ mechanisms, I was struck by Hanne’s question or task to trouble her.

It turned out to be very superficial, the task I asked her; to look for the price of an enamel jar… But it put my feet (and thoughts) so speedy back on the ground, it was groundbreaking for me.

Meanwhile, I looked for scientific evidence of a Blue Monday. It would be the most depressing day of the year because it is dark in many countries, festivities have passed, and everything is back up and running, and the system of urgh Mondays reoccurred. Some evidence shows that Monday is indeed somewhat less joyful compared to Friday. And when we look back on our week at the end of it, we label Monday as the least favorable day. However, other evidence shows there is minor or no difference during the day itself. So maybe I should wait till the end of this week to check whether this was indeed a Blue Monday.

This discussion aside, I know I have some escape routes, and I can also serve as an escape route for others. I once started my education in psychology because I wanted to help other people. That’s why this ‘please trouble me’ quote often comes to mind. And now I know, these troubles can and are allowed to have different shapes and forms.

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